SparkData Analytics

Tailored Insights

Tailored Insights Through Self-Serve

Using our Analytics Dashboard, you can customize your view with a
vast selection of data visualization and goal setting analytics widgets.

KPI Tracking and Conversion Rate Analysis

Check your current performance level, define goals and measure your progress.  Make adjustments to various strategies and budgets.

Unlock Data Revenue Opportunities

Produce better-informed decisions, enabling you to be more efficient all around. Create targeted promotions based on consumer engagement.

Isolate Data that Matters

Use the right data to uncover hidden valuable insights. Find out what works best for your audience by comparing and contrasting locations, users and technology data to get the complete picture.

Record User Sessions

Make accurate Product improvements and fixes. Develop better products using firsthand knowledge on how customers interact with them. Optimize and tailor your customer’s journey to their needs.

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